A project manager needs to spend time activating teams, monitoring progress and steering the ship to success. To stand the best chance of doing this well, a project manager needs effective tools at their fingertips. Rather than spending hours updating every little detail in a hard-to-use Excel spreadsheet, it might be time to upgrade to a purpose-built project management application. We’ve pulled together our list of the best project management apps and software out there, with a range of features to suit all project types, even the most complex.


Asana helps project managers to manage projects with ease, tracking everything from project inception through to deadline day. Asana’s mission is to help teams work closely together, effortlessly, by bringing focus, ease and flow to the forefront within a world of chaos.

Asana can be used as a collaboration tool, where teams can share feedback, files, status updates and keep track of who is doing what and when.


ClickUp helps you to track the progress of projects easily. It gives teams a place to plan, collaborate and stay on top of goals and progress. 

Using ClickUp, you’re able to manage your projects from start to finish simply. The elegant, easy-to-use design facilitates collaboration, allowing you to add comments to documents and tasks, for full transparency. You can get a snapshot picture of your project at any time by looking at the project overview dashboard. Plus, time tracking insights will help you to plan smarter.


Wrike is a versatile work management software that helps teams turn strategies into tangible results. It helps teams collaborate better and reduces the need to rely on inefficient, outdated systems. You can achieve goals more easily with full transparency and visibility of company objectives, seeing both the big picture and the smaller details. All project comms are kept in one place which helps ensure there are no blocks from missed information.


Trello is a well-loved project management and collaboration tool, that helps empower teams to move their projects forward successfully. It’s a great tool for improving productivity as it provides a flexible, visual, easy-to-use way to organise and manage projects. It’s a free tool, used by millions of people across the globe to customise and manage workflows. Its intuitive design can help with everything from goal setting to recording actions from meetings to planning projects and events.


Basecamp is more than a project management tool, it’s a complete toolkit for remote workers. It enables users to break work into separate projects, that contains everything relevant to that project, including people, discussions, documents, schedules, tasks and files. Everything all in one place.

For each project, teams will find everything that they need to work successfully together. You’ll find to-do lists, documents, file storage, schedules, message boards, and real-time group chat functionality. You’re able to tailor features to work best for the projects in front of you.


They are a class-leading Project Management software proudly built and supported in New Zealand. Their diverse customers share one thing, they use ProWorkflow to bring structure and order to their business whether they’re a freelancer or a globally distributed team. Powerful templating features save you time, comprehensive reporting lets you focus on what matters most, whilst our quoting and invoicing modules ensure you get paid on time. Flexibility, customisation and powerful permissions let you tailor ProWorkflow to your needs and with regular updates they just keep getting better.

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Infinity is an incredibly flexible work management tool that helps you organize all your work, any way you want. You get to create and customize everything—from the structure of your projects and tasks, to how you view your data and what you want to see in folders and subfolders. Infinity offers six different views (Table, Columns, Gantt, List, Calendar, and Form), 20 custom attributes, and over 50 templates that will help set things up with more ease. To make things even better, Infinity’s currently offering a lifetime deal that allows you to pay once for your plan of choice and enjoy Infinity forever.

Infinity - work management tool

Nozbe Teams

A powerful collaboration app for small- and medium-sized teams that makes your business thrive. You’ll manage your team from anywhere, at any time, and on any device (web, iOS & Android apps). You can share projects, delegate tasks, communicate in comments, manage your work with tags, groups, reminders and due dates… and achieve your business goals together. Nozbe Teams stands for modern team communication and is completely free up to 5 projects and up to 5 users.

Nozbe Teams - collaboration app


Nutcache is an all-in-one collaborative project management web app helping businesses and teams of all sizes work smarter. It includes comprehensive time tracking, invoicing and expense management features that, along with its project management functionality, provide an integrated workspace to manage projects from ideation to completion. Nutcache is free for teams of up to 20 members.


Hive is a leading project management software that helps thousands of teams work faster. Hive brings all of your workplace tools to one single dashboard, so you can manage projects, chat with coworkers, send emails, and even start Zoom calls without ever leaving the window. Hive is more than just your classic project management software — it’s the future of work productivity. You can use Hive online in a web browser, via desktop apps for Mac and Windows, or on iOS and Android mobile apps. Hive offers a free 14-day trial with pricing plans starting at $12/user per month.

Hive - project management software


FunctionFox is a leader in Timesheet and Project Management for Creative Professionals. Get simple and powerful online project management & time tracking tools to keep your team and multiple projects on schedule. Whether your team is in the office or working remotely you can easily forecast team workloads, plan & adjust project schedules, keep communications in a central location, and stay on top of deadlines. Don’t let deadlines and due dates slip past! Try a free demo today.

FunctionFox - timesheet and project management app