What's New?

From now on we’ll be adding update notes with every release. We’ll also attach links to blog posts for the most exciting updates!

Supercharging with Shortcuts


24th May 2021

What’s New

  • Shortcuts – we’ve added a host of shortcuts, and you can see them in our shortcut menu by clicking the lightning bolt.

  • Update Notifications – we added notifications to your Sidebar so you can see updates more clearly when we release them. You’ll see this show as a red dot on the Account icon (👤 ).

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue where the mute button wasn’t functioning as expected

  • Light mode by default – we made massive changes to the UI on our last release but we found a bug where a few users still saw our dark mode. If you need to swap between modes you can do so by toggling Dark mode when you click the 👤  icon.

A major update: Switch 3.0.0


14th May 2021

What’s New

  • Switch UI – we’ve given Switch a huge facelift and completely revamped the UI.
  • Spaces – we’ve added a brand new feature, Spaces, that lets you create a separate area for each project you work with.
  • Feature Access – when using the free version of Switch you’ll now have access to previously locked features like Favourites and Spaces. Switch Pro still provides unlimited access to these features.

For a full breakdown of features, see our release page.