Switch helps to keep you in the stay in your workflow by letting you switch between your recent tabs with a single shortcut or click.

Tab Flow offers an alternative to native history by moving between your current tabs and letting you control your workflow.

Using Switch Tab Flow

To switch between recent tabs, click the back and forward buttons at the top of the Switch Sidebar to swap between your current tabs.
Or you can use keyboard shortcuts by pressing Ctrl + ,  or Ctrl + . to complete the same actions without moving your mouse.
You can click and hold the back/forward button to open the extended history, which lets you switch multiple tabs back/forward.

Tab Flow is ideal for creating links between tabs, even when they’re in separate windows or different Spaces.

You can easily copy information between two tabs, or jump back in where you left off after responding to messages.

Note: this is a Switch Pro feature. You can try Switch Pro free for 14 days from inside the extension. Click in Account Settings to try now!