Save important web applications as favorites to open them with 1 click and see instant notifications in the sidebar.

Note: This feature requires the Switch Pro plan, which you can try for free.

Save Your Favorites, Open With 1 Click

For web applications that you use often (Gmail, Outlook, Google Docs, Slack), save them as favorites and they’ll stay in the sidebar even after you close all tabs for that application. Next time you can re-open them with 1 click or open all your favorites with 1 click.

Notifications in 1 Place

When you save a web application as a favorite, Switch will automatically show you the number of unread notifications for that application in the sidebar. This is great if you receive notifications from several applications that you want to stay on top of (Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Messenger).

Note: notifications for web applications must be added manually by our developers. If you have a web application that you want notifications for and it isn’t currently supported, please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.