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Welcome to Switch!

Thanks for installing Switch – you’ve joined over 11,000 other people (we call them superhumans 🦸) using Switch to become ultra-productive! 

These are some of the great features you can expect straight away:

Smart tab management with the Switch Sidebar to avoid tab overload

Multi-account login for the same website within one browser

Use all the web applications and extensions you normally use without having to go anywhere else.

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You’re all set up and ready to use Switch – let’s go!


We switch tabs hundreds of times per day at work and at home. It’s way too easy to lose track of them and end up drowning in tab-chaos! In fact, the browser experience has barely evolved in the past 20 years! 

We built Switch because we wanted to make a browser experience fit for our modern digital lives.

Built directly into the browser you already use, Switch supercharges your digital life with key workspace tools to make you ultra-productive.

Switch Starter helps you to be more productive. In Starter you can:

  • Manage Unlimited Tabs in the Switch sidebar
  • Use Multi-Account Login to access multiple accounts for the same website within the same browser
  • Use all the other extensions you usually use
  • Use Switch new-tab page to access your most recent web apps
  • Use dark or light mode to suit your personality

The most powerful features are available in Switch Pro, and can sign-up for a free 14-day trial (no card details required!) right inside the Sidebar (click Account Settings to start today!). These include:

  • Unlimited Favourites – Pin your most important sites
  • Unified Notifications – Instant notifications for your apps all in one place
  • Unlimited Tabs – Have infinite tabs open in the sidebar
  • 1 – Click Multi Open – Start your day with 1-click open of you most important tabs
  • Tab Search – Find tabs with Keyword search
  • Tab Timeline movement – Smoothly switch between recent tabs
  • Power Shortcuts – Keyboard shortcuts to save you time
  • Premium Support – Get access to our developers

And lots more features to come!

Have a great idea for a feature? We’d love to hear from you.

Message us directly at support@switchextension.com

We’re a small team and we’re super excited you’ve decided to join us on this journey – if you think something could be improved, spot a bug, or just want to say hello, then we’d love to hear from you!

You can email directly at support@switchextension.com and we’ll be happy to help!