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You. But ultra productive.

Try Switch Pro completely free for 14 days – no credit card required. You’re all set up and ready to try Switch Pro – click the button below to get going!

What to expect? Switch Pro gives you a load of extra features, but three of our favourites are:

📚 Unlimited Spaces: Create Spaces for everything you can think of – from holidays to work projects, now you can totally immerse yourself without getting distracted.

🕵️ Power Search: You can supercharge your tab search with our ctrl + \ shortcut to find any tab in any window and open it straight away.

⚡️ Supercharged Shortcuts: Navigate your workstation at the speed of light with our keyboard Shortcuts, all available through the ctrl + shift + s command

“I’ve never had a crush on an extension, but in all seriousness this one makes me feel warm and fuzzy.”

— Eric


You’re about to unlock all the most powerful features of Switch. On top of all the features of Switch Starter, you now have access to:

✓ Unlimited Favourites – Pin your most important sites and get instant notifications as they appear

✓ Unlimited Spaces – Create and work in unlimited Spaces to organise everything and focus on individual projects

✓ Tab Search – Find any open tabs in any window with our powerful search and shortcut

✓ Tab Timeline – Smoothly switch between recent tabs in any open window to retain your flow

✓ Power Shortcuts – Navigate your workstation at the speed of light with our keyboard Shortcuts including opening Google Docs or starting a new video call

✓ Premium Support – Get access to our developers

To explore all features, visit https://switchextension.com/features/

After your trial ends you’ll automatically return to the free version unless you choose to upgrade.

If you think something could be improved, spot a bug, or just want to say hello, then we’d love to hear from you!

You can email directly at support@switchextension.com and we’ll be happy to help!